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Our proven framework, the PRIME model, guides organizations through a comprehensive, step-by-step process to create or refine programs that are both effective and compelling.


Purpose: Find your motivation, align with your mission, and understand your context. This phase connects your purpose to the broader community you serve.

Research: Investigate existing models and literature, and engage your community and supporters through participatory activities.

Ideation: Hold consultations and activities to compile a compelling and impactful theory of change based on the gathered information.

Monitor: Pilot test, experiment, and develop tools for impact measurement. This participatory milestone allows program refinement.

Elevate: Build stories and narratives to fundraise and sustain the program, ensuring it is engaging and compelling to donors and supporters.

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Whether you’re adapting an existing program or building a new one, the PRIME model offers a structured yet flexible pathway to achieve sustainable, evidence-based results. We promise transformative change at both a personal and institutional level, grounded in a deep understanding of your needs and the challenges you face.

We adapt with your journey

For refining an existing promising program, we work with you for a minimum of 6 months

For building a new program, we need to support you for at least a year to promise results

We will accompany you in monthly coaching calls AND through developing tools and templates for your program, fundraising and communication needs

Are you ready to be coached?

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What we promise?

Authentic Model

Programs that genuinely reflect your leadership, staff, community values, and mission.

Resonating, Creative, and Impactful Program

Tailored solutions that address the needs and priorities of the community you serve

Compelling model

Strategies for fundraising and promoting your model to gain supporters.

Quality and Impact Measurement

Rigorous standards to ensure high-quality and measurable outcomes.

Holistic Intersectional Approaches

Comprehensive strategies that address determinants of support and systems change.

Our partners are delighted

Janine breathes life into fundraising dollars. Working with her was seamless. She worked with our team and gave us the confidence to do it all.                                                                                                                        

Business Development Manager

A team of insanely organized and fully independent persons. They have so many tricks up their sleeves. We mostly appreciate the constant conversations and the proactive adaptations.                                 

Executive Assistant

We doubled our funding and it was so much fun!

Executive Director