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Fractional Fundraiser

It’s like hiring in-house, but better. Think of a Fractional Fundraiser as getting part of a highly experienced, strategic fundraising staff member who does it all – from strategy to stuffing envelopes. It’s the support your organization needs at a price you can afford.

Fractional Communication Officer

Drive Growth with better communication. Hire an expert supported with a team of creators to do your online communication. Imagine this: You hire us for the price of one employee, and we deliver the work of a full team!

Program Development

Build a community-centric program with real impact + fundraising and communication potentials.

Our proven framework, the PRIME model, guides organizations through a comprehensive, step-by-step process to create or refine programs that are both effective and compelling.


Storytelling is a SUPERPOWER! We collaborate with trainers who are masters of the art. We believe we can train YOU and your team with the needed skills to become a super-STORYTELLER.

We are storytellers at the core

Dedicated to creating positive impact and driving meaningful change. We believe in the power of stories to shape our world.

We are multicultural and proud of our diverse cultures

We uphold abundance and justice as our worldview. We are inclusive, authentic, and courageous, and we inspire this in others

You are our partner

We collaborate with businesses and partners to build their storytelling capacities and develop tailored content addressing various areas of impact.

You need brilliance

We bring you the best. We will focus with you on the bigger picture as well as the smallest details

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